• The Beginning
  • Untimely
    in a land unknown
    at a time yet not arrived.
    Thus, I was born

    within the forest of beast and rock.

    My heart

    in void

    started beating.
    I abandoned the cradle of reiteration

    in a land with no bird, no spring.
    My first journey was a return

    from the hope-abrading vistas of thorn and sand,
    without having gone far
    on the inexperienced feet of the fledgeling that was I.

    My first journey

    was a return.

    The vast distance
    taught no hope.

    I stood on the feet of the novice that was I
    facing the horizon ablaze.

    I realized that there was no tidings
    for in between stood a mirage.
    The vast distance taught no hope.
    I learnt that there was no tidings:
    This boundless

    was a prison so huge

    that the soul
    hid in tears
    from shame of impotence.