• Under the bloody tumbling of twilight
    there stands a man of another kind,
    who wanted the land to be green,
    who wanted love to be worthy of the most beautiful of women;
    For this to him
    was not so worthless an offer
    as to become dust and stone.
    What a man! what a man!
    who said,"better for the heart
    to sink in bloodby the seven swords of love;
    and better for the lipsto utter the most beautiful name.
    And a mountain-like hero, thus in love
    crossed the bloody battlefield of destiny
    with the heels of Achilles
    an invulnerable hero
    the secret of whose death
    was the sorrow of love
    and the depth of solitude.
    "Ay, sad Esfandi‚r
    your eyes
    better closed.
    "Was a NO,
    just one NO
    to make my fate.
    I only cried NO
    I refused to sink.
    "I was
    and I became
    not as a bud becomes a flower
    nor as a root becomes a shoot
    nor as a seedling becomes a forest
    but as a common man becomes a martyr,
    for heavens to worship him.
    "I was not a servile little slave
    and my way to a heavenly paradise
    was not the path of submission and servility.
    I deserved a God of another kind,
    worthy of a creature,
    who does not humble himself
    for the indispensable morsel.
    "And a God
    of another kind
    I created."
    Alas! mountain-like hero
    that you were
    and mountain-like,
    formidable and firm
    before falling on the ground
    you were dead.
    Yet neither God nor Satan
    but an idol wrote your destiny
    an idol whom others worshipped
    an idol whom others worshipped.