• The unknowing
    are alike
    only the tempest
    bears peerless children.
    Those alike
    are as shadows
    on the edges of sunshine
    in the guise of the living
    they are dead.
    And these
    staring danger in the face
    are guardians of fire
    the living
    marching beside death
    ahead of death
    always alive even after traversing death
    and always hearing the name
    with which they lived
    for decay
    passes beneath the tall threshold of their memory
    hunched and shamefaced.
    Discoverers of the fountainhead
    humble discoverers of the hemlock
    pursuing joy
    in the mouth of the volcanoes
    magicians of smiles in the hats of pain
    with footprints deeper than joy
    on the paths of birds.
    They face the thunder
    enlighten the house

    and die.