This Personal homepage is an accomplishment made, on the occassion of 72nd birthday of Ahmad Shamlu, by Roozbeh Hashemiha with great supervising cooperation of Mr.Kaboli & Mr.Azizi.

Whoever can support us in anyway , by any means in this task will be welcomed and would be thanked in the following list :




The Beginning (I. Kaboli)
Nocturnal (I. Kaboli)
The Banquet (I. Kaboli, K. Shahriari)
Punishment (I. Kaboli)
Mamcheraghi (I. Kaboli)
Still Life (I. Kaboli)
On Night (M. C. Hillmann
Mist (M. C. Hillmann)
The Fish (M. C. Hillmann)
A Sketch (M. C. Hillmann)
In This Deadend (M. C. Hillmann)
Nocturnal (E. Kho段)
The Gap (E. Kho段)
Dark Song (E. Kho段
The Song Of Abraham In Fire (E. Kho段)
Aida In The Mirror (E. Kho段)
Allegory (E. Kho段)
Song Of The Greatest Wish (A. Shamlu & A. Karimi-Hakkak)
I Am Still Thinking Of That Raven (A. Shamlu & A. Karimi-Hakkak)
Funeral Oration (A. Shamlu & A. Karimi-Hakkak)


Der Tod Des Nazareners (K. Scharf)
Hamlet (K. Scharf)
Notturno (K. Scharf)
Das Lied Abrahams Im Feuer (K. Scharf)
Notturno (K. Scharf)
Lied Vom Wasser (F. Showghi)
Die Kluft (F. Showghi)
Nebel (F. Showghi)
Ssemiromi (F. Showghi)
Noch Denke Ich An Jenen Raben (F. Showghi)
Auferstehung (F. Showghi)
Moh稟h (F. Showghi)
Eine Dunkle Weise (F. Showghi)
Im Ringen Mit Dem Schweigen (F. Showghi)


Canario- (C. Shamlu)
La Canzone Dell選mpossibile (C. Shamlu)
Notturno (C. Shamlu)
La L瀋rima ... (C. Shamlu)


(All by Azar Mahloujian)


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